Das Bild zeigt Stefanie G. Wohl
Ass. Prof., PhD
Stefanie G. Wohl
State University of New York - College of Optometry

Stefanie Wohl is an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York (SUNY), College of Optometry in the Department of Biological and Vision Sciences and has worked many years with the neural retina at cellular and molecular level. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Science in Biology as well as her PhD from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany. She was supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Isenmann and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bolz and completed her thesis in 2011 about “Lesion-induced genesis of neural cells in the adult mouse retina” with “summa cum laude”.  From 2012-2018, she worked as Postdoc/Acting Instructor in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Thomas Reh at the University of Washington in Seattle and received a 2-year scholarship from the German Research Foundation for her studies abroad. During this time, she discovered her interest in microRNAs as key regulators in the healthy and diseased retina.

In 2018, she was appointed Assistant Professor at SUNY Optometry in New York City and awarded with the New York State Empire Innovation Grant to study the impact of microRNAs in retinal glial function. She established the Wohl Laboratory, the first molecular biology laboratory at SUNY Optometry. Her research interests include investigating the role of microRNAs in gliosis after injury/disease as well as their role in Müller glia reprogramming as potential tool in regenerative medicine.