Das Bild zeigt Sigrid Müller-Schotte
Sigrid Mueller-Schotte
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Sigrid Mueller-Schotte obtained her Doctor of Philosophy at Utrecht University in 2018 with research on the “Shedding light on Daily Functioning of Older Adults: the influence of visual functioning and beyond influence of functional vision on activities of daily living in older adults”. From 2008-2010 she completed her Master of Science in Epidemiology, specializing in Pharmacoepidemiology, at Utrecht University (Netherlands). In 2000, she graduated at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry [now Salus University] (USA) obtaining the degree ‘Doctor of Optometry’, followed by a specialization in Primary Care Optometry (2001). Prior to that she completed a study towards a German optician/optometrist at the Higher Technical College of Ophthalmic and Optics in Cologne, Germany.

Since 2001, Sigrid Mueller-Schotte has been lecturing at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, both in the field of optometry and in master’s courses in nursing (Master Advanced Nursing Practice and Physician Assistant). In addition to her teaching activities, she holds a research position at the research group “Technology for Innovations in Health Care” (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht).

Her research interests lie in the fields of gerontology and optometry. Sigrid Mueller-Schotte has published numerous professional articles and scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and regularly acts as a reviewer of scientific papers for international peer-review journals herself.