Das Bild zeigt Mirjam van Tilborg
Mirjam van Tilborg
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Mirjam van Tilborg is an internationally recognised expert in the area of dry eye treatment and research. Her interest in the topic was first stimulated during a clinical externship in Boston, USA, in 1995. This externship was a key component of her Bachelors degree in optometry from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands. Since graduation, Mirjam van Tilborg has continued to develop her skills and specialism in all different aspects of dry eye disease. She is lecturing at the optometry department at the Hogeschool Utrecht. At her own practice, she treats a wide variety of patients with dry eye disease. It is not only the disease and the management options that interests her, but also the limitation from the disease on daily functioning. Mirjam van Tilborg completed a full educational degree and a Master of Science degree from City University in London, and her PhD at Cardiff University (Wales) in 2017.  Her PhD thesis was entitled: “The role of primary healthcare in the management of work-related Dry Eye Disease in the Netherlands.”

She has a special interest for workers in a modern office working environment, where centralised control over temperature, humidity and airflow presents a significant challenge to the tear film of the worker using a computer. This work is undertaken in collaboration with Prof Helianthe Kort and her Technology for Healthcare Innovations research group.